Remotely Operated Vehicle

The FUSION is a highly capable ROV system that provides real time sensor feedback to the surface by simply connecting the small diameter tether.  Use ROV mode to follow up on targets identified in AUV mode or simply as an inspection tool.  When in ROV mode the FUSION has the same level of autonomy as AUV mode, but with the benefit of live data transmission.

Highly maneuverable and stable with the six thruster configuration and optimized mechanical design.  The powerful thrusters and clever control system provide precise maneuverability in demanding conditions all with minimized drag influence from the small tether.  With 500 meters included and 2,000 meters optional the FUSION has extended range capabilities in ROV mode.

The intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) has complete controls for the FUSION including manual and automated controls.  Data that was collected in AUV mode is easily accessed in ROV mode through the common user interface.

Comprehensive Sensor Suite

The FUSION departs from the traditional flexible platform approach and incorporates a suite a high end sensors designed to enable operators to accomplish complex missions.  From a variety of imaging sensors to navigational aids the FUSION is a tightly integrated system that improves vehicle dynamics and eliminates troublesome cables/connectors.

Imaging Sensors - Forward Looking Multibeam Sonar, Video.

Navigation Sensors - DVL, AHRS, GPS, Pressure and Temperature

Communications Sensors - Wi-Fi, Gigabit LAN, Acoustic Modem

With a ground up design around a bespoke set of sensors the user interface benefits as well.  One intuitive interface controls, displays and logs all sensor data on the FUSION.

Elegant and Capable Vehicle Design

The FUSION design sets a new standard. Computational Fluid Dynamics was used to optimize the shape, sensors are a bespoke design, high-tech material construction and careful attention to every detail makes FUSION unlike anything else as evident in the appearance.

Each FUSION system is equipped with powerful, efficient and reliable thrusters.  The unique design incorporates a flooded brushless DC motor design and unique mounting system that allows for rapid change.

Utilizing high density and safe batteries produces a system that can not only be transported commercially, but have a long mission endurance.  The added benefit of quick change packs keeps the FUSION conducting missions.

Intelligent Control and Navigation

The FUSION design continues with intelligence to increase mission capability, improve operator confidence and maximize the quality of data collected.  Vehicle characteristics and dynamics are carefully mapped to help improve responsiveness, stability and predictive nature.

Careful attention was given to the choice of navigation sensors as well as the mechanical installation to ensure accurate feedback and precise data.

FUSION-ROV has attitude control, station hold, waypoint navigation and path follow.  The simple to use interface makes even inexperienced operators confidence to complete demanding missions.  No need for a dedicated engineer to run the automation system.

Intuitive Human Machine Interface

A portable and intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) controls all aspects of FUSION control and data analysis.  The incredibly small footprint and highly intuitive interface changes the way operators interface with subsea vehicles.

Long gone are the days of complex software as the FUSION brings a welcome change with a single user interface that operates all modes and allows seamless exchange of data. Plan and execute missions, analyze sensor data, conduct real time operations, setup diver mode, export data and more.

Low Drag Rugged Tether and Reel

For ROV missions the FUSION has a small diameter rugged tether to minimize drag, enable long range missions and maintain system portability. The 2.4mm (0.09") diameter kink free tether is strong and lightweight.  A single connection point to the vehicle further simplifies system intuitiveness.

Managing tether can be a challenge, but not with the compact, lightweight reel.  A 2,000 meter (6,560ft) capacity and level wind make tether handling simple.