The FUSION-ROV system well equipped for a diverse range of demanding missions.  However, to tailor the system to more unique projects the FUSION-ROV can be upgraded to include additional features.  Virtually all options can be installed in the field and added as required.  SRS continues to develop additional options that will augment the FUSION-ROV even more.

Single Function Grabber

The FUSION-ROV can be fitted with a single function open/close grabber.  Located on the front of the FUSION vehicle are accessory ports that contain ballast weight equal to the weight of the grabber.   Simply unscrew the lock ring and insert the grabber to install.  FUSION will automatically recognize the grabber and be controlled via the function buttons on the HMI controller.

Rate of jaw open/close can be varied through the grabber settings as well as force.

There is a tab that allows the grabber to be manually rotated 90º for desired jaw alignment.  The interlocking jaws offer a strong grasp of objects.  Additionally, the jaws can be fitted with off the shelf cutting blades for use with cutting rope.

Key Specifications:

  • Weight in Water - 295 grams / 0.65 lbs
  • Gripping Force - 600 N / 6.1 kgf / 13.5 lbf
  • Jaw Type - Interlocking two jaw
  • Cutting - 10 mm / 0.39 in diameter rope
  • Max Jaw Opening - 75 mm / 3 in

Dual Function Grabber

For even more versatility the FUSION-ROV can be upgraded to include a dual function grabber that adds rotate to the functionality of the single function grabber.  The same ease of installation and use via the HMI controller is there, but with the added benefit of 180º rotation.  With the rotation the operator can easily align the jaws to the desired placement.

The same ease of installation as the single function is applied to the dual function by simple removal of the ballast weight and insertion of the grabber.  Takes only a few seconds.

Like the single function the rotate speed can be adjusted via the grabber settings in the user interface.

Key Specifications:

  • Weight in Water - 295 grams / 0.65 lbs
  • Gripping Force - 600 N / 6.1 kgf / 13.5 lbf
  • Jaw Type - Interlocking two jaw
  • Cutting - 10 mm / 0.39 in diameter rope
  • Max Jaw Opening - 75 mm / 3 in
  • Rotation - 180º

2,000 Meter Tether

An extended length of tether can be used with the FUSION for longer excursion capability.  The 2,000 meter (6,560ft) tether comes complete on a spool for quick interchange with the standard 500 meter tether.  No need for another reel or the hassle of having to remove one tether to fit the other.

High Frequency Forward Looking Sonar Upgrade

The FUSION-ROV comes standard with a high resolution forward looking multi-beam imaging sonar that operates at 750kHz and 1.2MHz providing an excellent balance between range and resolution.  However, the sonar can be upgraded to a higher frequency version that provides greater detail and still with an impressive range.  The upgraded sonar operates at 1.2Mhz and 2.1MHz and has ranges of 30 meters (98ft).

Key Specifications

  • Frequency - Dual 1.2MHz / 2.1MHz
  • Range - 0.1 to 30 meters
  • Update Rate - 15Hz
  • Horizontal Field of View - 130º / 60º
  • Vertical Field of View - 20º / 12º
  • Angular Resolution - 0.6º / 0.4º
  • Beam Separation - 0.25º / 0.16º
  • Number of Beams - 512

USBL Positioning System

The FUSION-ROV system is supplied with a DVL and vehicle mounted GPS.  When operating in depths up to 50 meters (165ft) the combination will provide position of the FUSION-ROV.  Over time the DVL will incur some drift and therefore position error will increase.  The FUSION-ROV system can be fitted with a USBL positioning system that will provide accurate location of the FUSION vehicle to full operating depth.

No need to return the FUSION-ROV system for installation as the optional USBL system is only the topside portion as the vehicle mounted transponder is already fitted.

Key Specifications:

  • GPS Accuracy - 2.5 meters / 8.2 ft
  • Acoustic Range - >1,000 meters / 3,280 ft
  • Angular Resolution - 1º
  • Range Resolution - +/-50mm / 2 in

For more information visit the USBL section of the website.