The FUSION-ROV is designed around a tailored set of sensors to maximize the capability of the system and provide operators with the necessary tools for demanding missions.  With the sensors so seamlessly integrated the FUSION-ROV has an efficient form factor and each sensor is placed in the optimum position for the best data.

Imaging Sensors

Probably the most common application for underwater vehicles is the acquisition of imaging data.  Understanding the importance of high quality imagery the FUSION-ROV is equipped with a number of superior sensors for a variety of conditions and missions.

High Definition Video - HD low light video camera with 135º of tilt and ultra bright LEDs tracking the camera.

Forward Looking Sonar - dual frequency (750/1200kHz) wide angle multi-beam sonar sits above the camera for high resolution imagery, even when sitting on the seafloor.

Navigation Sensors

The FUSION is equipped with a number of navigation sensors to not only provide valuable positional data for the imaging sensors, but also a precise control system.  Careful selection of each sensor and their integration expands the capability of the FUSION.

Doppler Velocity Log - high frequency DVL for accurate bottom track and augmented control system.

Attitude Heading Reference System - high accuracy AHRS with exceptional filtering that couples the navigation sensors and control/navigation algorithms to produce a stable and precision vehicle.

Global Positioning System - when at the surface the FUSION benefits from accurate GPS satellite positional data. 

Other Sensors

Expanding on the data collection and navigation sensors are a number of other sensors to further increase the capability of the FUSION.

Wi-Fi - at the surface the FUSION has a wireless communications capability with the Human Machine Interface.  This can be used for data transfer, mission updates and diagnostics.

Pressure & Temperature - accurate pressure and temperature are provided to the sensors and operator.

Vacuum & Humidity - internal vacuum and humidity are monitored to safeguard pressure vessel seal integrity.


To learn more detail about the specific specifications of the fitted sensors on the FUSION-ROV system visit the Tech Specs section of the website.