FUSION Technical Specifications


Depth Rating 300m (1,000ft)
Length 686mm (27in)
Width 477mm (18.8in)
Height 275mm (10.8in)
Minimum Pipe Diameter 508mm (20in)
Weight in air 27.5kg (60lbs)

Thrusters & Performance

Configuration 4 vectored, 2 vertical
Vector angles Horizontal - 35º, vertical - 10º
Motor type Brushless DC
Update rate 30Hz
Bollard thrust (zero velocity) 16.4kgf / 36.1lbf / 160.6N
Speed / Velocity (Max) Forward - 4+ knots
Lateral - 2.4 knots
Vertical - 2 knots


Battery chemistry Lithium-Ion
Available power 914whr
Voltage 22-29.4VDC
Endurance 3-4 hours (typical)
Charging time 0-100% - 4 hours (pair)
0-90% - 2 hours (pair)
Certification UN38.3 (safe for commercial freight)


Camera High Definition 1080p
135º tilt
90º horizontal field of view (in water)
Lighting 3 x LED
Tracking camera
Forward sonar Dual frequency (750kHz/1.2MHz)
130º/80º horizontal beam width
20º/12.5º vertial beam width
100m/35m (328/115ft) range
0.1m (4in) minimum range
4mm/2.5mm (0.16/0.1in) range resolution
15Hz update rate
256 beams
1.0º/0.6º acoustic angular resolution
0.2m (0.65ft) min range
50m (164ft) max range
±0.2% long term accuracy
0.01mm/s velocity resolution
±16m/s velocity range
8Hz pin rate
2.5m (8.2ft range)
Wi-Fi Wireless N
AHRS 0.1º pitch/roll
  1º yaw

Tether & Reel

Diameter 2.4mm (0.09in) nominal
Length 500m (1,640ft) standard
2,000m (6,561ft) optional
Strength 113kgf (250lbf)
Type Single mode fiber
Gigabit Ethernet
Kink free
Buoyancy Neutral in fresh water


HMI & Automation

Configuration Ruggedized tablet
Detachable control dock
Operating system Android
Automation Auto depth/heading/altitude
Roll compensation
Waypoint navigation
Station hold
Buoyancy calculation
Return to home
Operating modes Full auto, stability control, manual

System Contents

Standard components Vehicle, HMI, tether, reel, cases, spares, 4 x battery pods
Standard sensors Camera, LEDs, DVL, forward sonar, GPS, WIFI, AHRS, pressure & temperature


SRS FUSION-ROV Specifications Sheet US Letter
SRS FUSION-ROV Specifications Sheet A4