About SRS

Strategic Robotic Systems, Inc. was founded with the premise of developing the next generation in underwater systems by approaching the challenge from a fresh perspective.  This fresh perspective is based on many elements. 

We feel It is important to take the time to listen to what operators and organizations are looking for now and in the future.  It is easy to get caught up in armchair engineering and overlook what are the actual requirements.  There is a vast network of operators that broaden exposure to the many different applications.

The SRS development group has years of experience and thousands of hours of field work.  Few things compete with actual real world experience and we place high importance on applying what we have learned.  And we will never stop learning.

Approaching the design from a variety of aspects helps to apply alternative technologies to improve design, functionality and capability.

SRS is committed to developing and manufacturing an amazing underwater system.  This requires focusing all efforts into every little detail and making certain they are as perfect as they can be.

SRS has teamed up with talented companies and individuals around the world that work together with bright and clever ideas.  The sharing environment instills creativity, fresh outlooks and challenging conformity.  The result is evident in the exceptional products that reshape the way underwater operations are conducted.