FUSION ROV with Shipwreck in AUV mode

The FUSION hybrid ROV is a fresh approach to underwater vehicles that exemplifies design, capability and intuitiveness.  SRS understands operators are always looking for force multipliers and FUSION meets this requirement with advanced sensor integration.  Built mission ready, FUSION is designed for rapid deployment during challenging missions and is trusted by navies around the world. 

Mission Ready. 


Best ROV Vehicle Design

  • Highly capable portable hybrid ROV - deploy as an ROV with a tether or as an AUV
  • Fully integrated imaging and navigation sensors - side scan sonar, imaging sonar, HD video, DVL, AHRS, GNSS, and USBL
  • FUSION is the only ROV of its class with an integrated side scan sonar AND gap filler technology
  • The system deploys out of the box within minutes
  • Intuitive software with fully integrated data management which requires no third-party software.
  • Designed for easy operation, and features hot swappable batteries (available in Li or NiMH configurations), and quick release thrusters that are field swappable in less than 60 seconds
  • No generator required allowing operations from a broad range of crafts of opportunity.


Expandable Capability

The FUSION is not just a well-equipped and capable ROV system, but an expandable sensor collection and manipulation tool.  A variety of tightly integrated options are available to enhance mission capability requirements.  Four (4) auxiliary ports and a unique modular utility cavity offer easy mission configuration.

  • Two Function Grabber
  • Two Function Continuous Rotate Grabber
  • Dual Five Function Manipulator Package
  • High Strength Cutter
  • AUV (untethered) Mode
  • Side Scan Sonar (ROV or AUV mode)
  • USBL Positioning System
  • Payload Release Mechanism
  • Payload Containers
  • Zero Point TiTAN Disruptor Integration
  • Wireless Remote Connection
  • And more....


  • Mission ready Hybrid system operating as ROV/AUV/COM/DDV  
  • FUSION pricing based on complete sensor suite 
  • Rapid deployment 
  • ROV mode for active system control
  • AUV mode for autonomous operations 
  • Only hybrid ROV with Nadir gap filling technology
  • Battery powered which eliminates the need for generators on the surface support craft
  • Can be transported as excess checked baggage
  • Low drag tether & reel
  • Small expeditionary footprint
  • Expandable capability


Mission Ready.