About SRS

Strategic Robotic Systems, Inc. was founded with the premise of developing the next generation in underwater systems by approaching the challenge from a fresh perspective.  This fresh perspective is based on several elements. 

We feel it is important to take the time to listen to what operators and organizations are looking for now and in the future. Understanding the constraints and frustrations imposed on operators by current technology and addressing these by adopting and embracing new technologies is SRS principal goal.

The SRS development group has many years of vehicle design experience and a pedigree encompassing thousands of hours of field work.  Few things compete with actual real-world experience and we place high importance on applying what we have learned, while being open to new ideas.

Approaching the design from a variety of aspects helps to apply alternative technologies to improve design, functionality and capability. Staying close to technological advances in other fields of robotics and testing the applicability of these advances to the underwater arena is key to our design process

SRS has developed and is manufacturing the FUSION vehicle: truly a next generation underwater system.   Every effort throughout the design and manufacturing process is focused on the details and to making certain the delivered system is as perfect as it can be.

SRS has teamed up with talented companies and individuals around the world that work together with bright and clever ideas.  The sharing environment instils creativity, fresh outlooks and invites challenges to conformity.  The result is evident in the exceptional FUSION system, which reshapes the way underwater operations are conducted.