The FUSION system is well equipped to tackle most missions, however, there are a number of options that enhance the capbility.  Each option is designed to be retrofitable to existing systems so that FUSION does not have to return to the factory for installation.


The FUSION is available with an optional USBL system that extends the navigational capability to deeper waters and/or missions that require real world corrections.  Already fitted to the FUSION is a transponder that is compatible with the USBL Topside Navigation Pod (TSNP). 

The TSNP is a fully self contained battery powered USBL solution that can be used in either tethered ROV mode or untethered AUV mode.  As a self contained unit the TSNP only requires turning on and the system takes care of the rest.  A position is calculated by the TSNP and acoustically sent back to the FUSION.  There is a GNSS, high resolution AHRS and USBL that are already aligned eliminating any setup by the operator.

Deployment of the TSNP is simple with the included float module so that the unit can be decoupled from the noisy environment of a vessel.  Or using the included extension poles the TSNP can be mounted to structures or vessels.


FUSION is available with a two function grabber.  The grabber includes open/close and 270º wrist rotation.  Operators have fingertip controls on the HMI.  The FUSION User Interface has an indicator for open/close amount as well as degree of rotation.  Going a step further the sonar display has a graphical overlay of the grabber for zero visibility sonar only operations.

Installing the grabber takes seconds with the preset auxiliary port.  Simply remove the ballast weight plug and insert the grabber.  No trimming required as the ballast weight removed is the same weight as the grabber in water.


The FUSION can be fitted with a dual five function manipulator package that provides a full ten degrees of motion.  Coupled with the FUSION's precise control system the dual five function package adds a whole new level of capability for the FUSION.  The arms can be used simultaneously or one for stability while the other works.  Each arm can lift 2kg (4.4lbs) and the rear pitch control thruster on FUSION maintains a level attitude while the arms are manipulating.

Intuitive controls connect directly to the HMI for single or dual operator setup.


The FUSION can operate as a fully autonomous untethered vehicle.  Using the common mission planner on the HMI and the AUV sensor planning function the FUSION can carry out complex preprogrammed missions.


An extended length of tether can be used with the FUSION for longer excursion capability.  The 2,000 meter (6,560ft) tether comes complete on a spool for quick interchange with the standard 500 meter tether.  No need for another reel or the hassle of having to remove one tether to fit the other.