FUSION System Options

The FUSION-HYBRID system is packed with virtually every feature required to accomplish most missions.  However, some further options are available to help those specific requirements that may arise.  SRS will continue to develop options/accessories to augment the FUSION-HYBRID's capability.

Dual Function Grabber Upgrade

The FUSION-HYBRID can be upgraded to a dual function grabber, adding 180º rotate.  With 180º rotate the operator can easily align the interlocking grabber jaws with the object.  Controls are via the keys on the HMI controller and angle is indicated onscreen.

2,000 Meter Tether

An extended length of tether can be used with the FUSION for longer excursion capability.  The 2,000 meter (6,560ft) tether comes complete on a spool for quick interchange with the standard 500 meter tether.  No need for another reel or the hassle of having to remove one tether to fit the other.

High Frequency Forward Looking Sonar Upgrade

The FUSION-HYBRID comes standard with a high resolution forward looking multi-beam imaging sonar that operates at 750kHz and 1.2MHz providing an excellent balance between range and resolution.  However, the sonar can be upgraded to a higher frequency version that provides greater detail and still with an impressive range.  The upgraded sonar operates at 1.2Mhz and 2.1MHz and has ranges of 30 meters (98ft).

Key Specifications

  • Frequency - Dual 1.2MHz / 2.1MHz
  • Range - 0.1 to 30 meters
  • Update Rate - 15Hz
  • Horizontal Field of View - 130º / 60º
  • Vertical Field of View - 20º / 12º
  • Angular Resolution - 0.6º / 0.4º
  • Beam Separation - 0.25º / 0.16º
  • Number of Beams - 512