The FUSION is a fresh approach to underwater vehicles that exemplifies design, capability and intuitiveness.  A departure from a traditional flexible platform to a tightly integrated system that is built around a high-end suite of sensors.  Exhaustive attention to detail at every level establishes FUSION as the benchmark for professional underwater systems.


FUSION is available in two variations depending on what is required.  Both systems are complete and benefit from the high level of capability and detail that has gone into the design.

The FUSION HYBRID system is the ultimate in versatility and capability by combining AUV and ROV modes into a single platform.  As a battery powered system the FUSION can be autonomously operated on a preprogrammed mission without the tether connected.  Unique to the FUSION is the high level of maneuverability resulting from the ROV like thruster configuration for complex mission designs.

Use the FUSION to conduct a broad area search pattern with side scan sonar and with a quick connection of the tether, swap of the batteries you have an automated ROV to reacquire and identify targets of interest.

For those operators that require a highly capable ROV platform without the need for untethered autonomy the FUSION ROV is the suitable choice.  With only a few of the dedicated AUV sensors omitted the ROV system offers new and experienced operators an automated platform for demanding ROV operations.

As a battery powered system the FUSION has the benefit of an ultra small diameter rugged tether for high definition and real time sensor data transmission to the surface over long distances.


Click here to view a side by side comparison of what is included with each system.


Either the FUSION HYBRID or FUSION ROV system can be upgraded with the Diver Module to create an additional advanced capability.

Advancing the capability of the FUSION is the unique approach of being able to quick add the Diver module to either FUSION systems.  The addition of the display screen and thruster control allows divers to use the FUSION as a diver navigation and propulsion device.

Send an already acquired mission from the FUSION common user interface to the diver module and navigate to targets of interest in zero visibility with forward looking multi-beam sonar and navigation aids.