FUSION Integration of 5 Function Manipulators

Publish date:  04/19/2019

Strategic Robotic Systems (SRS) worked with The Blueprint Lab to integrate dual five (5) function arms called Reach 5 on the FUSION.  The unique Reach 5 arms provide responsive, multifunction capability to the FUSION.  A custom quick release skid was designed that attaches to the picatinny rails on FUSION in only a few minutes.

Two Reach 5 arms present interesting applications for FUSION operators.  Use of two arms enables the operator to secure position with one arm while manipulating with the other, or use the two arms together for more complex tasks.  FUSION’s station keep and precise motion with pitch control provide a stable platform for even single operator use.

A dual multiaxis controller was designed that connects directly to the FUSION HMI and enables intuitive operation of both arms at the same time.  The system operates through the FUSION User Interface.  Currently the arm control is quite manual with a number of enhancements in development including 3D representation, kinematics and more.

It has been great working with the team at The Blueprint Lab and we believe the future of FUSION/Reach 5 will be very interesting.