Sidescan Sonar Update

Publish date:  03/19/2019

The initial FUSION design saw sidescan sonar transducers potted into the transducer pod underneath the vehicle and was only available on the Hybrid AUV version of FUSION.  A design change has been made that removes the sidescan sonar transducers from the underside and allows them to be mounted to the picatinny rails on the side.  The transducers can be mounted in a couple minutes and requires no tools.  All FUSION vehicles will now be sidescan ready where the transducers can be purchased at a later date.

With the new design SRS was out in the local lake testing.  There is a great sonar target in Lake Washington that has been imaged by a number of different sensors over the years.  A PB4Y airplane that crashed on takeoff back in the 50's.  The plane is in great shape and a fun wreck to test/play on.

The screen capture illustrates the sidescan image from FUSION as well as the built in ability to mosaic.  Also, notice the overlay of the forward looking sonar.